About My ID Club


Established in 1997, The King County Police Union’s MY ID CLUB extends free identification cards to children under 16 years old. This community outreach program, always free and solely sponsored by the King County Police Union appears at a vast array of public events and locations including schools, malls, hospitals, churches, parks, and community celebrations. MY ID CLUB has been featured at more than 2,500 local events and has provided over 300,000 identification cards. In response to this success, more than 10 additional local law enforcement agencies have adopted the program.

MY ID CLUB provides two copies of each identification card, one for parents and one for the child. The cards display a color digital photo, a thumbprint and 17 fields containing such vital information as the child’s name (including any nicknames) and physical appearance, including height, weight, hair and eye color, and any additional noteworthy physical characteristics. These descriptors, in addition to detailed parental contact information, allow the cards to greatly aid parents and law enforcement officials in locating a missing child. The identification cards also display each child’s medical details, including allergies and necessary medications. In this way, they serve as a valuable resource for medical professionals in the event of a sudden illness or injury. By helping to facilitate youth safety in cooperation with local police agencies, the program also seeks to increase children’s comfort regarding law enforcement professionals.


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