Fingerprint Technology

Advances in Fingerprint Technology Can Improve Children’s Health

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A precaution taken before the unlikely event of a child’s disappearance, MY ID Club offers parents identification cards for children up to age 16 to help locate and identify missing youth. MY ID Club operates throughout the country, partnering with police departments and other institutions and providing ID kits for fingerprinting and picture-taking to parents and their children.

A recent study shows that a child’s fingerprint does not age. According to an article from, the latest research from the field of biometrics reveals that the fingerprints of children, even infants, have distinguishing marks that can be identified years later. Previously, it was believed that fingerprints taken at such a young age were unreliable. With advances in technology, fingerprints from children as young as six months old are recognizable with an accuracy of up to 98.9 percent. There are multiple real-world applications of this new finding, including tracking and recording a child’s vaccination history in developing countries and identifying a child in the case of a possible kidnapping.