Identification Cards

How My ID Club Makes Identification Cards

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The My ID Club gives identification cards to children to help identify them in case they get lost, kidnapped, or hurt. My ID Club has provided over 400,000 ID cards and has appeared at over 2,500 events since its inception in 1997.

It started in 1997 after a discussion among a number of members of the King County Police Union on how to improve child safety. We came up with the idea of making safety medical ID’s and named it The MY ID CLUB. When a few other departments wanted to duplicate our program we made them a system, when more groups wanted one the main designer and leading force behind the MY ID CLUB started Guardian ID Systems to supply those departments. We now have them all over the United States.

This is how it works….

1) The user captures a photo of the child with a digital webcam equipped with facial and eye recognition. When the photo is taken, it is printed directly into Child safety card.

2) The user then applies the child’s thumbprint to the back of the card, and the parent fills out all necessary information.

3) The card is laminated and returned to the parent.

It takes less than a minute to make a My ID Club card, and no information is stored or retained by the MY ID CLUB or the sponsoring Police Organization.